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Mission and Core Values Statement

Mission Statement: Edgewood Village is a nonprofit housing corporation that provides safe, high quality, affordable housing and facilities for low income, disabled, or senior individuals and families. Additionally, Edgewood Village has developed programs to provide educational, social, recreational, and leadership opportunities to improve the quality of life for its residents and the community.

Core Values Statement: We believe how we work together is just as important as what we do.  Our core shared values include: 

We affirm people of all races, ages, abilities, backgrounds, experiences, cultures, and religions. We believe all people—be they residents, site staff, board members, or community partners—should be treated with mutual respect and dignity. 

We actively promote economic justice and empowerment for individual and families. We address underlying inequalities life stages and birth to work transitions.

We provide high quality housing, proactive upkeep, and responsive maintenance, because we believe everyone has the right to live in a safe and pleasant environment. 

Communal facilities, such as the Community Network Center, computer lab, garden, and playground, are not luxuries; they are essential for sustaining a strong sense of community connection, learning, and vitality.

We are committed to listening to residents’ concerns, addressing problems as they arise, and expecting residents to provide input, direction, and leadership in the community.  We take pride in effective and mutually respectful communication among residents, site staff, board members, and partners.

We are genuinely committed to one another and to our future success.  We seek to make it the best place it can be—a community where we can put our passions to work to make a difference every day. 

We provide good stewardship of our resources by actively seeking ways to reduce costs, making wise decisions about spending, and investing in environmental efficiency to reduce long-term costs.

We collaborate with individuals, businesses, nonprofits, government agencies, schools, and foundations to help grow, develop, and sustain our community.


John Duley

John became President of the Edgewood Village Non Profit Housing Corporation in the early 1980’s and his vision has been that everyone be provided with the best opportunities possible to enable them to succeed in life.  He continues to work toward this goal by supporting Head Start’s 2 classrooms in the Village, overseeing the development of our community center, the Village Network Center, creating the Village Scholars Program focused on mentoring students grade 6 – 12 to get into college and envisioning the Village Commons which provides a gathering place for community building and strengthening personal and professional relationships.

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